Monday, 4 April 2011

Goddess Rajarajeshwari -Transcendental Knowledge

Rajarajeshwari is a another form of Sakti (Symbol of cosmic energy and consort of Lord Shiva).She is seated in the royal Lalitasana  posture, one foot tucked in and the other resting on the throne .In her upper right hand she holds a goad (Ankusha ) that prods and urges man towards the right path ( dharma ). In her upper left hand she holds the noose ( Paasha ) that serves to control man from going astray in  worldly  attachments . In her lower hands is the lotus (Padma ) which represents purity of word, thought &  deed and sugarcane (Chaapa ) which is a  representation of positive energy of the mind
This Goddess is believed to be the controller of the human mind and sensory organs .Faith in her elevates the transcendental knowledge of the worshipper
 Tanjore Painting